Blat al sac: mallorcan essence, modern soul

Welcome everyone to Blat al Sac!

A space that Miguel, Gabri and Marc have created to make you feel at home.

These three partners, enriched with different backgrounds, share a passion: to share the Mallorcan essence with as many people as possible. After some time thinking about how they could combine each of their specialities (nutrition, commerce and hospitality), Blat al Sac was born. A space with a unique concept in Palma: an approach to Mallorcan culture for all audiences, with a vibrant and modern touch. An irresistible combination, which has become a meeting place for the people of the neighbourhood, and anyone who wants to have a good time.

In Blat al Sac you can enjoy a midday menu characterized by its healthy and balanced content, which always offers at least one vegetarian option (not in vain designed by one of the team members, who besides being passionate about cooking, is a nutritionist). If you do not get caught at midday, you can take a classic ‘pa amb oli’ dinner or a variety of tapas, with a beer (have you heard that they throw the best in Palma?), or some local or international beer. And, let the vermuteros raise their hands! Here you can try up to 6 different vermouth types, including Majorcan varieties such as the classic Muntaner, or the special Boc, made of rosé wine and with touches of orange, which comes from Sóller.

Following the local concept, they try to incorporate the largest number of KM0 products that is possible for them. The most outstanding are the fresh ingredients and the traditional baker’s bread; You will notice the difference when you try it. And continuing with the sustainable line, which they want to achieve more and more, they continue to incorporate new actions when they have the opportunity. The last one they have carried out has been the replacement of the plastic tuppers (in case you have food left over, we already know that it’s a shame to waste it), by tupperware made of recycled cardboard. The napkins are recycled paper too. They are small gestures that, added together, make the difference.

In addition, they have a wide range of 100% Mallorcan and craft beers. One of them, highlighted by the team, is the Toutatis. This beer is the only Belgian beer produced only in Mallorca, from where it is exported to the rest of Europe.

Toutatis beer

Now that the heat is here you can also enjoy the authentic granita de pomada (Xoriguer gin with lemon). Be careful not to take too much…

To top it off, do not miss the icing on the cake. Or what is the same, their desserts that are 100% homemade. Among them, do not miss the brossat cake. The recipe for this sweet has been inherited in the family generation after generation, and as you will understand, it is a secret, so you will have to come and try it.

In case you had not already convinced, let me mention the breakfasts they offer. Toast of delicious combinations (banana and peanut butter, eggs benedict …), yoghurts with homemade granola and coffee to taste are the key to making this place an essential stop some day of the week.

You know, you have no excuse. Blat al Sac now opens from Monday to Sunday, from 9:00 a.m. to 00:00 a.m., and are located at the beginning of Blanquerna street (nº4).

What are you waiting for? Whether you feel like sitting in your beautiful room, or if you prefer to freshen up on the pleasant terrace, go and enjoy the Mallorcan flavor and essence.

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